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Sanitary Pad ULTRA XXL-320mm, Dry Net 6pcs/pkt


Experience superior absorption and comfort with our 320mm Thin Top Dry Net Sanitary Pads.

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Extra Large Premium XXL 320MM Ultra Sanitary Pad Dry NET 30pcs/5Pkt

Are you worried about period stains? Are you looking for the perfect companion for those special days of the month? Well, your search ends here on a good note! We present our Extra Large Premium XXL 320MM Ultra Sanitary Pads, which are perfectly designed to provide you with the right amount of comfort and coziness. 

Offering complete protection during your menstrual cycle, you do not have to worry about managing these days. At an adequate length of 320MM, these sanitary pads provide enough coverage. Moreover, the thin top layer present on the pads comes with a dry net material that has the ability to absorb and distribute fluids swiftly. How does it help? Well, it keeps you comfortable and dry for longer. 

Best Features

What are the features that make these pads special and unique from the other ones in the market? 

First, at about 320mm in length, these sanitary pads offer enough coverage and protection to give you confidence for a longer period. 

Moreover, the thin layer on top of these pads has a dry net material, which facilitates the rapid absorption and distribution of fluids to keep the surface dry and comfortable. 

Product Specification

  • Super Absorbent
  • Gel Technology
  • 7 Layer 
  • Upto 12-Hour Protection
  • Ultra-Soft
  • XXL Soft Dry Net
  • 5 times more Absorption

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

✅ When manufacturing each pad, our only priority is to ensure maximum comfort and safety for you. Thus, we never compromise the quality of our products at any moment. Imagine carrying the same confidence that you flaunt each day, even on your special days. This is what our product does to you. 

✅ Go anywhere, anytime, without a sense of fear or insecurity. Extra Large Premium XXL 320MM Ultra Sanitary Pad is here to support you!



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