Panty Liner with Anion chip 100pcs/5 packet


Experience unmatched freshness and hygiene every day with Aura Flow Panty Liner with Anion Chips.

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Panty Liner with Anion chip 

Do you not feel fresh and comfortable every day? Aura Flow brings you the perfect Panty Liner with Anion Chips that will keep you at your ultimate best every day. These panty liners offer freshness, comfort, and protection all day.

Moreover, each panty liner comes with anion chips that provide multiple health benefits to enhance your daily hygiene routine. They neutralize odors, maintain a balanced pH level, and keep you fresh. 

In addition, these panty liners are ultra-soft and gentle against your skin. They fit perfectly and comfortably without any bulkiness.

Also, despite being slim, these panty liners offer high absorbency against discharges or unexpected leaks. Each panty liner is clinically tested and 100% cotton, therefore providing you with the safest and gentlest care. 

Furthermore, their easy-to-carry packaging allows you to be prepared all the time. Whether you are looking for post-menstrual cleanliness, odor control, protection against light menstrual flow or vaginal discharge, or daily freshness and hygiene, Aura Flow Panty liners are just what you need. 

Try a new standard of feminine care with Aura Flow today and see the difference it makes yourself. 

Aura Flow Panty Liner with anion chip is available on Hot Ticket Fashion, so hurry up and add them to your daily hygiene and personal care routine now!

Best Features

  • To neutralize odors, each panty liner is embedded with anion chips.
  • Maintains a balanced pH level
  • Provide high absorption against discharges and light menstrual flows.
  • Gentle and soft against the skin, giving an irritation-free experience.
  • Very thin and feather-light design.
  • Free from any harsh chemicals.

Product Specifications

  • Anion chips
  • 100% Cotton
  • Clinically tested
  • 155 mm size
  • Ultra-soft
  • Rash and irritation-free
  • Super Absorbent

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

Aura Flow panty liners provide ultimate care and hygiene to all women. We never compromise on quality and prioritize your daily freshness and comfort. 

Now, you can feel the utmost comfort and confidence every day with aura flow panty liners.





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