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Many times, women mistakenly consider panty liners to be sanitary pads and get confused between them.

The life of women has never been easy. Whether it’s about menstrual cramps or delivery pain, a woman epitomizes nothing less than strength and power. Salute to them! However, even after so much awareness and development, women still failed to recognize their needs and requirements. And the majority of them don’t know the difference between panty liners and sanitary pads. Though the two topics sound familiar, they share a great difference between them. Here is the list of differences between panty liners and sanitary pads.

Understanding The Differences Between Sanitary Pads And Panty Liners

We all know what a sanitary napkin stands for. It is one of the foremost hygiene essentials for women, and it assures them protection against tough periods and stains. Choosing a quality sanitary napkin during your periods allows you to cover up the stains and enjoy a comfortable day.

Panty liners that are more or less similar to sanitary napkins in their appearance aren’t meant for the periods at all. In fact, they are literally used on non-periods days to tackle vaginal discharge. If you are wondering what vaginal discharge is, it is a natural sticky fluid that is released from the vagina and is often associated with odor. The characteristics vary and range from whitish and sticky to clear and watery. Although vaginal discharge is a natural and self-cleaning technique to clean your vagina, it seems unhygienic to spot excess stains across your panties and make you feel wet and icky as well.

Length and Measurement

Unlike sanitary pads that come in variable sizes ranging from medium to XL and even beyond that, panty liners are usually universal and fit every individual.

Usage and Purpose

As discussed above, sanitary napkins are used during periods, but panty liners, on the other hand, are used on normal days to shield against vaginal discharge. However, the purpose of both sanitary pads and panty liners is to keep you clean and fresh and prevent your bottoms and panties from staining.

Absorption Capacity

Sanitary napkins offer an unparalleled absorption capacity ranging between 15-20 ml. The quality ones can resist heavy blood flow without any resistance. On the other hand, panty liners offer negotiable absorbance that can just resist two-three drops of vaginal discharge and nothing else. And it can never offer resistance against the period flow.

Additional Uses

Sanitary pads don’t offer any other uses apart from periods. However, panty liners reflect versatility. Besides vaginal discharge, they are also used for other purposes, including:

Days just before and after the menstruation cycle, when there is a big chance of blood discharge.
Complementary with tampons and menstrual cups to add a layer of security.
Against postpartum bleeding, where the blood flow is quite unpredictable and can last up to four to eight weeks.
While traveling or adventurous activities like trekking, where it is not possible to wash panties quite often.


Sanitary napkins come with wings, while panty liners don’t possess any wings. However, the usage methodology is almost the same. Both pads and liners stick to the bottom of the panties; the only difference is that pads have wings with them that can support durability even from the opposite ends. On the other hand, liners are nearly invisible from the outside. They are designed in such a way that they almost fit inside the panty.

Understanding The Similarities Between Sanitary Pads And Panty Liners

Even after so many differences, both pads and liners share some points of similarities as well, including:

Lock Odor

One of the common characteristics of pads and liners is that both can lock odor. Especially if you choose pads or liners with an anion chip, they come with 100% odor-lock technology. Furthermore, few brands in the market offer fragrance as well. However, it is suggested to avoid heavily scented pads or liners as they might cause skin irritation.


Another common characteristic of pads and liners is hygiene. Both intimate hygiene products boost antibacterial properties, protecting your private areas from infection and reducing the possibility of UTI disorders.


Both liners and pads keep you fresh and breathable throughout the day by absorbing bleeding and daily leakages. Unlike traditional options, they also enhance the breathability of the skin.

Aura Flow: Your One-Stop Destination For Pads and Liners

Are you seeking to buy sanitary pads or liners? And thinking about the best platform. Your answer stands with Aura Flow. Aura Flow is the name synonymous with quality sanitary pads and panty liners. With us, you can find a range of options catering to all your tough days.

Sanitary Pads Basic- 280mm 60pcs/10 pkt


With 280mm length and ultrasoft texture, these pads are perfect for regular periods. Crafted with gel technology and anion chips, the sanitary pads offer breathable and comfortable options that lock odor and leakage.

Sanitary Pad Ultra XXL-320mm Bubble Soft 60pcs/10pkt

Sanitary Pads

Perfect for the heavy-flow nights that don’t allow you to sleep peacefully. The gel technology and XXL 320mm size offer five times more absorption.

Panty Liner with Anion chip 100pcs/5 packet

penty liner

Made of 100% cotton, the panty liners offer gentle protection against unwanted and unwarned light discharges that can ruin your whole day. Further, they are clinically tested; thus, you need not worry about the quality and consistency.

Wrapping Up

Concluding, it is clear that both panty liners and sanitary pads are important parts of intimate hygiene. And now, you must have understood what to use and when to use. Ladies, treat yourself as a queen, accept your bodies, and don’t let anything ruin your self-esteem or confidence. You deserve nothing less than the best. Lastly, don’t forget to explore Hot Ticket Fashion, which has a range of lipsticks, nail paints, skin care products, handbags, and much more.

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