Lipsticks for women

Lipsticks for women, despite their age, are one of the biggest necessities, more so than even their outfits. But, with so many shades available, choosing the one that suits your skin tone is challenging. Here’s the guide about choosing lipsticks for women online inspired by celebrities.

Undoubtedly, Bollywood divas are famous worldwide for their unmatched beauty and elegance, whether it’s about stunning outfits or ramp walks that can leave everyone stunned. They know how to take control of the moment and make a breathtaking impression. But do you know what’s the most unbeatable thing about their style? Yes, that’s the lipstick that creates an unforgettable impact.

Do you also want to recreate the look of your favorite celebrity and are not sure about the lip shades? Sit back; we have got you covered. Being one of India’s reliable fashion stores, we understand the importance of trends and Bollywood when it comes to fashion. Hence, in this blog, we have brought out celebrity-inspired lipsticks for women that fit every Indian skin tone.

Celebrity-Inspired Lipsticks For Women (Especially For Indian Skin Tones)

From Alia Bhatt to Deepika Padukone, we have created a list comprising of the best lipsticks for women based on the Bollywood styling algorithm. When choosing lipstick, pay attention to the quality. Seek a long-lasting option that is also resistant to water.

Not only this, consider only a skin-friendly option that matches the pH level of your body so that you don’t have to complain about skin irritation and dry lips after a while. Also, select lipstick that offers high pigmentation after a single stroke application. Here are the lip shades most preferred by Indian celebrities.

Nudes That Brightnens Every Casual Day

On casual days, no one wants to wear a bright and sparkly lip shade. Most women prefer to keep their look simple and classic. Moreover, if you are a student or a working modern woman, nude lip shades are more like a boon for you.

BELLABLOOM Liquid Mate lipstick combo pack of 3

Nude lipsticks for women add to your style statement without making it more catchy, thus blending effortlessly with your formals, semi-formals, and casual looks. Further, you can extend the circle by adding nudes from different color palettes, such as pink, brown, and red. You can explore the Bellaboom lipstick combo to find the one that fits your needs.

Red Lips To Add A Sizzling Effect

Tell us, how many times have you seen your favorite celebrity partying and clubbing in a mini dress? Maybe countless times. That’s the beauty of red lips. They bring out a modern and fierce woman within you. Every time you want to make a bold statement, opt for red lipstick.

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The best part of red lipstick is that it radiates an amazing fusion of confidence and elegance. Moreover, when you have your red lips on, you do not need to play much with the outfit and accessories. Even a simple shimmery dress can take the lead of the moment. Choose a lipstick combo that comes with matte finish offering you bright shades of red.

A Bright Lip Combo Offering Sparkling Colors

The summer season is meant for evergreen kurta sets and bright tops. Ethnic in summer goes well with bright colors such as pink, orange, red, and even purple. You might have seen your favorite celebrity flaunting dark and bright shades of purple.

BELLABLOOM Liquid Mate lipstick combo

You can also add a bright lipstick combo to your makeup vanity to flaunt the summer looks with grace and confidence. Lip shades like bubblegum pink, tomato red, and violet are unique and ideal for special occasions. Explore today a wide collection of bright lipsticks for women to channel their inner diva.


In conclusion, when it comes to choosing lipsticks for women, think of choosing long-lasting, pigmented, and skin-friendly options. While red, nude, and pink are the common shades of lipstick, you should also experiment with other celebrity colors as well. Whatever color inspires you, at BELLABLOOM, you can find every lip shade inspired by your favorite celebrity. Further, we assure you premium quality at an affordable price range.

What’s still stopping you from creating the look of your favorite celebrity? Explore today the range of lipsticks for women and find the best one.

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