Creamy Croco  Leather Shoulder Bag
Creamy Croco  Leather Shoulder Bag
Creamy Croco  Leather Shoulder Bag
Creamy Croco  Leather Shoulder Bag

Super Apppealing Creamy Croco Leather Shoulder Bag


Discover elegance and durability with our Creamy Croco Leather Shoulder Bag. Made from premium leather, this chic accessory is perfect for modern women!

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Charming & Elegant Creamy Croco Leather Shoulder Bag

Bringing forward to you the most amazing Creamy Croco Leather Shoulder Bag from the trusted house of El Bagino. Not just in terms of style and elegance, this shoulder bag is an amazing choice if you are even considering functionality. Today, bags are not just about utilities; they are about style and fashion. 

Keeping all of this in consideration, El Bagino presents this amazing leather shoulder bag to you. With an overall appeal that radiates class and luxury, this leather shoulder bag comes with a water-resistant design. Hence, you can now flaunt style without worrying about your valuables. What adds so much more to these bags is the luxurious inner lining and magnet closure. 

Enhancing the utility of the bag, it has a front pocket, ensuring a handy and comfortable experience from your end. The size of the bag is not too big nor too small; it’s just perfect. With this creamy color, the charm of this bag is taken up by many folds. The beautiful upholstery of the bag gives it an edge over the other brands and products that we see around. 

Best Features

  • This bag’s versatile and charming design offers supreme elegance and charm. Pair this Creamy Croco Leather Shoulder Bag with any dress, and it will go perfectly with all your attire.
  • Manufactured professionally, the bag is built using prime-quality synthetic leather, even keeping sustainability in consideration. 
  • The reinforced stitching makes sure that all your valuables remain safe and secure inside, giving you a sense of trust and reliability in the bag.

Product Specifications

  • Creamy Croco Leather
  • Classic Shoulder Bag
  • Reinforced Stitching
  • Durable Inner Lining 
  • Eco-Friendliness and Sustainability
  • Magnet Closure
  • Water-Resistance
  • Diverse Colors
  • Usable Front Pocket
  • Dimension: 29*12*39 cm

Product Usage

✅ This Creamy Croco Leather Shoulder Bag is the right choice for anyone seeking a shoulder bag that not only looks perfect with all events and styles but is also super usable. 

✅ Anywhere, in any style, and on any occasion, this bag is the ideal choice! 


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